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Science fantasy meets espionage adventure in an epic new dieselpunk series.

All her life, aviatrix Voi Román believed she had emelesia: a rare, incurable condition which would ultimately confine her to a life in a mental asylum. However, when an unsettling government agent named Ron Callahan arrives offering a supposed cure in exchange for committing espionage, Voi must either settle for an institutionalized life…or risk her life so one day, she can be free.

Running on her last drop of optimism, Voi accepts the agent’s coercive offer hoping to learn more about her condition—which proves to be more mystical than he initially lets on after the so-called “cure” arouses strange, elemental impulses. Agent Callahan proves equally mysterious with a murky past, a guarded heart, and an uncanny ability to predict Voi’s whereabouts.

Determined to overthrow the tyranny of emelesia, Voi commits to ferreting out a terrorist faction with ties to the Haran: a foreign liberation movement. Suddenly, she is swept into a whirlwind of occult pseudoscience, experimental aerocraft, aerial espionage, and international intrigue. When a series of bizarre encounters with Haran operatives causes Voi to question her allegiance and reality, can the paranoid aviatrix fly through a storm of politics by the seat of her pants and emerge home free—let alone sane?

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